Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 things you dont know about me

#1 I hate wearing socks. This is why I wear sandals most of the year, even through the freezing winters.

#2 I refuse to part with things that have been unused for ages. You'l also find a few of my slippers in totally unwearable condition. Yes, i am the very definition of a kabadi.

#3 I have been part of frisking a small painting from the college stairway. Although, it wasnt my idea and it wasnt me who took that thing off the wall. But my huge jhola type bag gave refuge to the painting.

#4 Its been 10 yrs, since i partially drowned in a kids pool and i promised my self that il learn to swim. That day is yet to arrive. I loveee procrastinating.

#5 I am an obsessive-compulsive talker. I just go on and on. I believe, if i dont speak 2,000,000,000 words a day, id die. :D

#6 I have once managed to set the pressing iron on fire, by making use of my physics and electronics fundamentals studied at school. My physics teacher would be really proud of me!

#7 I love street food. I would anyday prefer a road side chole kulche or gol gappe over a nicely tossed pasta at a posh restaurant. Well, actually after im done with the street food, i will have the pasta. :D P.S. - No, im not FAT.

#8 I haggle a lot with the riksha/auto walla or a grocery vendor.Thats a form of art, i thin few have mastered. Sometimes i feel, i end up making CP>SP (i hope u remember ur elementary school maths).

#9 I have a very retentive memory. Just like the old chacha choudhary jinka dimaag computer se bhi tez chalta hai.

#10 I could tell atleast 10 more things peole dont know about me.

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