Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Waiting Games

Waiting can be a wonderful thing. Unexpectedly amazing things can happen in life which can throw you off balance and yet cushion you when you fall. The time you spend while waiting can be truly rewarding. In the end, the waiting time doesn't seem to matter but that the wait has been worthwhile. After a dozen wrong turns, horrible mistakes, bad choices, testing times, the time will come that will make you want to believe in only good things, happy endings, merry times.

At the end of a trying time, it won't matter anymore except that there is a someone around you to make your life a lot easier, to add to the bitter sweet taste of life. The promise of an extended hand to hold yours forever in a tight grip to never let go, the promise of a steady shoulder to lean on when you are weak. the promise of a reassuring faith when you doubt yourself, the promise of buying you a solitaire to don your finger. Too good to say NO, i guess!

Winking-ly yours
Faded Glory

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Map of You

In the airplanes they say, put on your oxygen mask before you put one on someone else. Sounds selfish but its not. Though a safety instruction, it carries a much deeper meaning when applied to life. Keep yourself safe and happy. For only when you respect yourself, love yourself you can actually have positive and blessed relationship with others. Of all the relationships that you will have in your life, the one that is most satisfying and rewarding is the one you have with yourself. It defines you, feeds you, shapes you. The more I identify myself with my experiences in life - good or bad, it has made me who I am. And I am content with who I am. If we cannot sew our hole in  the soul then no one can do for us. 

When you learn to love yourself, you are not scared to be alone. Spend time with yourself, take a walk in the park, sit on a bench alone, go alone for shopping and that will be the best time you can spend. I am not alone, have my new found love, myself for company. Date after date, it's a great relationship.

Lovingly yours,
Faded Glory

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raise the Red Lantern

And so we sat, S, G and me on the rooftop bar, Lantern, at One Fullerton. The view is spectacular from way up there. Our poison for the evening - Red Lantern, a concoction of watermelon, cointreau and lime. And its is by far the best cocktail I have had. Sipping one drink after the other, getting philosophical about life - the Red Lantern had a soothing affect on all of us. As we got more and more dreamy, thoughts and words were flowing but literally and figuratively everything was red, the 'Red Lantern' drink, the yellowish red light. The mood was RED.

The fact is, as per the chinese the red lantern is symbolic of happiness, good luck and re-union. But each of us had our own interpretations tonight. G, 30, Male, divorced after having an arranged marriage made a statement, red, is nothing but a sign of danger. His association to red was fear. Marriage is dangerous he said, and I could understand. He was angry over having chosen the wrong person that led him to be at cross roads of life, dealing with a divorce. S, 29, Female, Married had a strikingly different meaning to Red. For her it was symbolic of the color of love, the heart that beats, the red roses and life was all hunky dory. Her association to red was happiness.

To me, Red is action, it is energy. It fuels you to become passionate. Passionate enough to hate, to kill, to love, to hope, to be violent. Single or Married or Complicated, irrespective, red is the color of the blood, red is inside of us, running through our veins energizing us to feel what we feel and act as we do. As long we have red, angry or hopeful, full of hatred or full of love, we are alive!!

Gimme Red,
Faded Glory

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Singapore Skies

In Singapore, they say, dont look at the sky, it may burst out open anytime and leave you drenched. And then the skies clear out and the sun shines bright. I love Singapore for the very reason. This place is so me. Rainy, weepy, sad one minute and changing to happy, shiny bright the next minute. All in day. For nothing in life is a constant, except you and only you. Im loving it and living it up! 

Singapura, you rock!
Faded Glory

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All over again

It’s like going into a dream and living it all over again. A cloudy memory come true. It’s feeling and touching the nostalgia that until that moment lay buried deep within. It’s permitting my heart to feel again. A deep look. A tired sigh. A secret spoken out loud. It’s touching a memory from long ago and watching it come alive. It’s smelling the food in the kitchen and finding my way through the lost alleys of my childhood. The familiar smell of home. It’s closing the door to the distance between us. The past merging into the present. My two worlds collide. It’s knowing I’ll be home soon. The long journey home.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Excerpt

Falling is love is easy. Staying in love is harder. Finding someone who will love you back is hardest. And believe me …nobody gets it right the first time.  Our society places far too much importance on the concept of happily ever after and the institution of marriage.  It is better to be happy alone than feel like a complete wreck with someone. Chances are that you will end up being the last of your many friends to find someone. Chances are that they will counsel you on how you should find someone to marry.  Chances are that you will cause your family and parents much grief by being a 30 year old single woman.  Chances are that you will spend many evenings with nothing to do because all your friends are busy with their own lives. Take your chances.  You will know when you are ready. And remember that just because you are ready to settle down – does not mean that you are ready to settle…Do it your way!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye

Someone famous once said that the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. So very true. It has been a month since my nani passed away. Life doesnt feel the same, not that I lived with her or spoke to her everyday. But still it feels like a big part of you gone. Thats the closest one could ever be to a grandparent. I fail to imagine how lost I would feel going to "Nani ke ghar". "Nani ka ghar" will still be hers, despite the ironical fact she isnt there anymore. As sudden as her demise,the realization comes and goes all of a sudden that she is no more. Gone are the smiles, the affectionate kisses, the reassuring looks, the caring touch, the welcoming arms, the hands that used to stroke my hair, the lap I  rested my head on so many times when I wanted the escape from things in life. She was always there, just the same, unconditionally showering her love.

I miss you nani. A lot.

Nostalgically yours
Faded Glory